Fall 1991

Freehand: Drawing Loosely Defined

John Altoon, Gale R. Antokal, Santa Barraza, Lynda Barry, Squeak Carnwath, Howard Hack, Susan Hauptman, Peter Jemison, Barbara Leventhal-Starn, Cesar Martinez, Sue Martinez, José Montoya, and John Valdez.

Freehand brought together artwork informed by the gestures, attitudes, and approaches we associate with drawing. The artists used charcoal, pastel, ink, graphite and rarely seen silverpoint on surfaces ranging from high-quality paper to napkins and paper bags. Some were intended for museum walls and art world critique; others for reproduction in the mass media. A couple were made in exchange for rent.

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Spring 1992

The Fourth R: Art and the Needs of Children and Youth, (two parts)

Art, Artists, Art Programs in Part I include Juana Alicia, Santa Barraza, Willie Birch, Susan Cervantes, Children's Book Press, Nancy Hom, Jim Hubbard, Reagan Louie, Jane Ash Poitras, Prints in Progress, Tim Rollins + K.O.S., See Me, Share My World, Shooting Back, Art from Workshops: Ruth Asawa, Emmanuel Montoya, YA/YA.
In Part II include Juana Alicia, Tina Barney, Santa Barraza, Susan Cervantes, Shirley I. Fisher, Nancy Horn, Laotian Handcraft Center, Larkin Street Youth Center, Patrick Nagatani, Jane Ash Poitras, Nai Feo Saechao, Juan Sanchez, Lorraine Serena, Shooting Back, Luchita Ugalde, YA/YA.

The Fourth R is an evolving exhibition presenting art and art programs that help meet the needs of children, youth, and their families. It includes artwork by children and by emerging and nationally recognized artists and art programs. The exhibition informed the community of the need for art as a basic and integral part of the education process, involved the community in the planning and implementation phases, and served as an inspiration for art and art programs involving children and as a showcase for such work. fThe Family Room, installation included artworks of students from Cupertino Union School District schools, also from the Sunnyvale and Los Altos school districts, 4/1-4/23. Program funding from Tandem Computers, Inc., Community Foundation of Santa Clara County, and the City of Cupertino. Focus Groups, 7/31/91, 10/8/91, were held to discuss art, history and the needs of children and youth, with representatives from the De Anza community, education and government. Focus group members for project: Patricia Albers, Diana Argabrite, Gary Bacon, Dr. Laurel Bossen, Oksub Song Bridges, Jose Antonio Burciaga, Kathleen Burson, Wilfredo Castano, Dr. Michael Chang, Jill Chesler, Paul Chester, Carmen Gomez, Margarita Guzman, Doris Harry, Ben Menor, Ann Muto, James Paul, Kathy Peregrin, Mike Peregrin, Jan Rindfleisch, Dolores Sandoval, Margaret Simon, Barbara Waldman, Janellyn Whittier, Diane Williams, Jim Williams.
BOOK: The Fourth R: Art, 1982. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch and Patricia Albers in conjunction with the Euphrat exhibition. An accessible book that can be used to advocate for and develop successful, multifaceted programs for children and youth. See PUBLICATIONS. Also an eight-page publication on local unsung heroes in art education.

Panel Discussion, "Art Collaborations Benefiting Children and Youth," presented in conjunction with the exhibition The Fourth R: Art and the Needs of Children and Youth. Participants included Peter Carpou, Artist in Residence at Larkin Street Youth Center, San Francisco; Susan Cervantes, Muralist and Director of Precita Eyes Muralists, San Francisco; Mike Lopez, De Anza College Student, originator of program at Juvenile Hall, San Jose; Talala Mshuja, former Director of Nairobi Cultural Center, East Palo Alto; Dr. Michael Chang, De Anza College Instructor in Intercuitural and International Studies and Board Member of Cupertino Union School District; Jan Rindfleisch, 3/18.
Honoring Arts Providers: Helping Create Better School Environments
The Euphrat Awards/Benefit honored artist and art educator Ruth Asawa along with four un-sung heroes of art education in the community, Marie Franklin, Nancy Marston and the Los Altos Art Docents, Talala Mshuja, and Flo Wong, before a distinguished audience of corporate, government, academic, art world, and community leaders. It honored those who have volunteered and generated enthusiasm for art, and built school spirit as well. For many children art activities are an important part of bonding to the school environment - they are the only reasons some children stay in school. Held in the home of George and Judy Marcus, Los Altos Hills, 1/30.

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