Fall 1984

CONTEMPORARY SURREALISM: Classical, Visionary and Social

Artists include Irving Norman, Paul Pratchenko, Karen Breschi, Lili Butler, Mark Roland, Marian Winsryg, Carrie Adell, Steve Kaltenbach, Vaclav Vaca, Miran Ahn, Janet Burdick, Guy Colwell, Paul Kubic, Lois Anderson, Judy Hiramoto, Martha Bredemeyer. Carol Law, Lee Champagne, Alonso Smith, Pablo Soto, Shelley Martin, Bill Martin, Etta Mascarenas, Tom Foolery.

A variety of Surrealist paintings and sculpture produced by over twenty California artists. It covered three kinds of Surrealism: Classical Surrealism stemming from the legacy of Bosch, Magritte, Varo and Dali, Visionary Surrealism concerned with Utopias, idealism and religion (includes the realm of magic and paradise settings complete with dream castles and bestiary), and Social Surrealism attending to social, economic and political concerns. Accompanying the exhibit was a critical essay by Michael S. Bell. Bell has been researching Surrealism for ten years. He states that "it is a high and timely priority of contemporary esthetics" to find a way of understanding the breadth of Surrealism, a form of representational art that has been practiced since the Renaissance. Bell made a short presentation during the reception 10/17. This exhibition is dedicated to the memories of artist Agnes Pelton and collector Dr. Roger Stinnard. Michael S. Bell, presentation on Contemporary Surrealism, 10/l7/84. VideoCONTEMPORARY SURREALISM: Classical, Visionary and Social, 1984, 30 sec. color, aimed for airing on Channels 3, 11, and 36.


Fall-Winter 1984

WADC 19thAnnual West Coast Show


Spring 1985

ART COLLECTORS In and Around Silicon Valley

Artists include Allan Adams, Ansel Adams, Peggy Bacon, Clara Burd, Deborah Butterfield, Alexander Calder, Elizabeth Catlett, Gonzalo Cienfuegas, Richard Diebenkorn, Renate Dollinger, David Gilhooly, David Hockney, Julia litis, Marie Johnson-Calloway, Kathe Kollwitz, Akira Kurosaki, Fernand Leger, Sue Martinez, Cliff McReynolds, Malaquias Montoya, Henry Moore, Manuel Neri, Louise Nevelson, Claes Oldenburg, Nathan Oliveira, Pablo Picasso, Paul Pratchenko, Robert Rauschenberg, Sam Richardson, David Sharir, Ben Shahn, Jude Silva, Jessie Willcox Smith, Wayne Thiebaud, Jerry Uelsmann, Beth Van Hoesen, Charles White, Joseph Zirker.

Explores the role art collectors play in the growing arts consciousness of the Valley's rapidly expanding technical/business community. Silicon Valley is watched as a model of the future, yet where is it on the cultural map, specifically the arts map? One answer comes from looking at its collectors. They form the framework that holds a visual arts community together. Exhibition and book present collecting from the point of view of collectors, artists, gallery and museum people. The collectors represent diverse occupations and interests. Artworks included the original 1926 illustration by Clara Burd for the cover of Little Women, a colorful aquatint by Fernand Leger, a ceramic sandwich sculpture by David Gilhooly, one of Deborah Butterfield's wood-and-mud horse sculptures, the high-tech art of Larry Bell, and the stunning, almost life-size figure of Micah, a linoleum cut by Charles White.
BOOKART COLLECTORS In and Around Silicon Valley, 1985. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch, in conjunction with exhibition Art Collectors. Articles follow collectors from the first stages of personal acquisition to the later stages of public participation and exhibitions. See PUBLICATIONS.
Presentations by Benjamin Eisenstat and the "Quixotic" group of collectors, 3/13/85.
VideoART COLLECTORS In and Around Silicon Valley, 1985, 30 sec. color, for airing on Channels 3, 11, and 36.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration, exhibition of drawings and paintings by Juana Alicia and Yolanda Lopez to coincide with poetry readings and other campus events. Cosponsored with Multicultural Program, 4/29-5/3/85. "When you think of Mexico…" A presentation of slides developed by Yolanda Lopez. With multicultural program and National Women's History Week. 3/6/85

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Late Spring 1985

Flyer includes Juana Alicia drawing of a woman's face plus event list.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration flyer.

Three Hearts in a Tango

Artists include: Juana Alicia, Emmanuel Catarino Montoya, Herbert Siguenza.

May 2 panel “Contemporary Issues in Art and Literature.” Panelists: Juana Alicia, José Antonio Burciage, Margarita Robles.
Poetry reading: Margarita Robles, José Antonio Burciaga. Dance, mariachi, and comedy presentations.

Cinco de Mayo Celebration with Chicano Art Exhibition sponsored with Multicultural Department, DASB, MECHA-Latino Club and more.