Fall 1983

Printers as Artists

Artists include David Kelso, Katherine L.Bradner, David James Sibbit, Hidekatsu Takata, Lee Altman, Stephen Thomas, Glenn Brill, Ann Hirsh, Timothy Berry, Erb Bigelow, Jennifer Cole, Gary Denmark, Norman DeVailiere, Donald Farnsworth, Scott Greene, Katie Kahn, Ikuru Kuwahara, Jeanne Mullen.

A small but growing number of prestigious fine art presses in the S.F. Bay Area produce multiple lithographs and etchings for well-known artists. Many of the printers who help produce these editions are not only masters of their craft but well-known artists themselves. This exhibition is of the printer's own artwork - prints, paintings, collages, sculpture.
Companion exhibition: Printers as Artists (an extension), at Tandem Computers, Inc., Cupertino. Prints by Katie Kahn, Kathleen Fields, and Lee Altman, October 1983. VideoPrinters as Artists, 1983, 30 min., color. Jan Rindfleisch interviews Lee Altman and Katherine Bradner, two Bay Area printers/artists, 11/9/83 on Channel 3. "The Unsung Heroes of Printmaking," Cathy Curtis, Peninsula Times Tribune, 10/29/83. Critics Choice (Printers as Artists), Dorothy Burkhardt, San Jose Mercury News, 10/30/83.

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Fall-Winter 1983-84

One-day exhibition of the Ribbon Project during "Beyond War," a peace conference held in Flint Center. 11/5/83. Additional VideoCartoonsGen Guracar, 1983, 30 min., color. Produced in conjunction with the American Association of University Women. Aired late Nov. 1983, Ch. 3.

Western Art Directors Club The 18th West Coast Show

Louise Kollenbaum, Art Director of Mother Jones magazine, lecture and slide presentation. Cosponsored with Western Art Directors Club. I2/I/83


Spring 1984


Artists include Carina Ryan, John Ray, Robert Arneson, John Abduljaami, Elaine Badgley/Arnoux, Judy North, Beverly Myeri, Leo Holub, Anders Aldrin, Richard Bermack, Jean La Marr, Daniel Galvez, Keith Sklar), Mackintosh, Lauricella, Kellogg at Creative Growth, Susan Siminger, Ruth Yoshiko Okimoto, Rene Castro, Boun Nhock Nhoutitham, Signe Wilkinson, Susan Brennan, Karen Sjoholm.

Presents viewpoints, issues, art, and artists, all relating to the subject of "faces," and addresses questions such as: When do faces in art affect people, instruct people? Highlights diversity of expression, background, age, occupation, and condition of life. A commissioned portrait of Lucile and David Packard, a Leo Holub uncommissioned portrait of Imogen Cunningham, Signe Wilkinson's caricature of Governor Deukmejian are displayed along with Jean La Mar's etching Urban Indian GirlsRichard Bermack's documentary photograph of "radical elder" Irving Fromer, a face from a public mural, a face drawn using computers and "artificial intelligence" and a mother's face drawn by her child. Faces from art world, science, business, politics, the streets, the schools. Faces in art are important-for identifying and remembering people, for reading emotions and intentions, and for self-discovery. Artists, politicians, and the media understand the powerful influence that an image of a face can have. Additional insights can be gained from faces in art when they are grouped in such a way that they interact with each other. "… the works in FACES speak to one another; it is for us to listen in at their conversations; it is for us to ponder what they say," Fred Martin, artist, Vice President of Academic Affairs, San Francisco Art Institute.
BOOKFACES, 1983. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch, 48 pages. See PUBLICATIONS.
Video: Ruth Okimoto, 1984, 20 min., color. Illustrated lecture by the artist, during the FACES exhibit at the Euphrat Gallery. Produced in conjunction with De Anza College/"The Better Half". Aired mid-March. Karen Sjoholm, lecture and slide presentation, with D.A.C. Women's Week Committee, 3/5/84. Jean LaMarr, "Faces and Oral Histories: Native American Experience expressed in Etchings, Monoprints, Murals," an illustrated lecture, 3/6/84, cosponsored with the Intercultural Studies Department. Ruth Okimoto, artist illustrated lecture with detailed drawings, 4/10/84, cosponsor Multicultural Program. Patricia Rodriguez, artist presentation and slide lecture, cosponsored with Intercultural Studies, 2/27/84. "Not 'For Eyes Only'", Sylvie Roder, Artweek 3/31/84, full-page review of FACES with 3 photos.
Companion exhibitionFACES (an extension), at Apple Computer Inc., Cupertino. Artworks by Luz Bueno, Beverely Mayeri, Leo Holub, Christopher Brown, Judy North.

Art of the Bear Dance - A traditional Spring ceremony of the Maidu Indians. 5/11-18/84

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