The Sentinel (Foothill College Newspaper)

The Sentinel, the Foothill College newspaper, was first published in October of 1958 at the original, temporary location in Mountain View, California. It was  called "Foothill News," as an official name had not yet been selected. In the December 19, 1958 issue, the name was officially changed to The Sentinel.

To open an issue, first click on the year in the left hand column. A page will open displaying all available issues from that year. Click on the issue that you would like to open. A page will open with two links - one that says "Other Media" and another that says "Item Sets." Clink on the link for "Other Media" and the issue will open in an online viewer. There are controls at the top of the viewer that will allow you to zoom in or out,  as well as print or download the issue.

The newspaper, written and edited by Foothill College students, remained in production until 2011. It has since been replaced by a new student managed newspaper called The Script. We are in the process of searching for issues from the years 1987-2011.