Fall 2005 - Winter 2006

Detail of Nancy Hom's 'World on Fire' art. Red flames shoot out around blue earth. Basic show info.

Change 2005/2006, Artists as Catalysts for Change, Revisioning the Museum
10/4-11/23/05 and 1/23-2/23/06

Artists include Richard Godinez, Juliana Kang, Nancy Hom, Tony May, Moto Ohtake, and others.

Change 2005/2006 consisted of a fluid rotating exhibition with lecture/discussions exploring change in the arts and academic community, the Euphrat Museum of Art's move to a different campus location, its new building design, and its expanding relationship with other campus entities and the outer community. Different sections explored themes: Artists as Catalysts for Change, Designing a New Building on Campus, Activating a Campus/Community Cultural Space, and Art and Civic Engagement Education. Reflecting art department changes, new faculty/staff members Juliana Kang, Moto Ohtake, and Tony McCann exhibited paintings, artist books, and a sculpture. A major focus was the work of Nancy Hom, a catalyst for change - a multifaceted artist, writer, organizer and arts administrator. She exhibited art she created for numerous political, social, and community events in San Francisco. Highlighted also was art from Richard Godinez who participated in Hom's Kearny Street Workshop exhibition War and Silence. In Godinez's large painting Disciples, images of monks meditating are juxtaposed with a military training exercise. Artist Tony May, another long-time catalyst, taught an Art in the Community class at San José State University for many years and has decades of community involvement. He exhibited models and drawings from a collaborative public art project with students and recent graduates, a memorial to San Jose community activist and spiritual leader Father Mateo Sheedy. Also on display were May's public art models commemorating the agricultural history of Silicon Valley.

A prime example of Art and Civic Engagement Education was art from the California College of the Arts' Center for Art and Public Life project, 100 Families Oakland. Materials relating to the new civic engagement initiative on campus were shown in conjunction with a related lecture. Preliminary plans for the new museum building (consultant Mark Cavagnero and others) and new De Anza entries and signage were shown as part of Designing a New Building on Campus and Activating a Campus/Community Cultural Space. Artist Panel, Art and Civic Engagement, Nancy Hom and Sonia Manjon (Director, Center for Art and Public Life, California College of Arts), co-sponsors DASB, Visiting Speakers Series, 1/24/06 Artist Panel, Creativity and Community, artists/activists Consuelo Jimenez Underwood and Tony May, co-sponsors DASB, Creative Arts Div, Social Science/Humanities Div, 3/1/06 Artist Panel, Exchange/Change; Initiating Creative Exchange on the International Level, artists Flo Oy Wong, Lenore Chinn, and Nina Koepke, historian Connie Young Yu, Arts Council member Joyce Iwasaki, co-sponsors: DASB, Visiting Speakers Series, California History Center, Intercultural/International Studies and Creative Arts Divisions, Women's History Month, 3/7/06

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