Fall 2001

Memory and History of Place
10/2-11/21/01, extended to 12/3 for events

Artists include Enrique Andrade, Libby Black, Mario Lemos, Janet Leong Malan, Carol A. Marschner, Maria Park, Peter Tonningsen, David Yamamoto, Jean Yi.
Curatorial consultant Consuelo Underwood. Concept present first by David Yamamoto and later independently by Tom Izu, Director of the California History Center

This exhibition about "a sense of place" ranged from photography to public monuments, paintings to installations. A sense of place is part of a person's emotional life and also part of a healthy community, because people who connect with their historical or physical environment are more likely to connect with civic and political life. Included Peter Tonningsen, an East Bay artist who addressed the conversion of the Alameda Naval Air Station, and David Yamamoto, a Los Angeles artist whose work referred to WWII internment camps and Watts Riot sites. Included local history, such as a 1986 Carol Marschner ink drawing of "Cali Bro." (Stevens Creek Boulevard at Highway 9, Cupertino) and attention to what came before Silicon Valley, important to an area with many newcomers and rapid change. Companion exhibition for Sunnyvale Creative Arts Center Gallery, Shaping Memory Shaping Us, 11/2-11/22/01, Victoria May, Marci Tolomei. Announcement photos: Peter Tonningsen, Cleansuit: NAS, Building #5, 2000, Gelatin silver print. From the series On the Inside, photographs of the disestablished Alameda Naval Air Station. David Yamamoto, Manzanar Revisited, 2001. Photo on wood-panel folding screen, 7' x 14'. Carol A. Marschner, Stevens Creek Boulevard at Highway 9, Cupertino, 1986. Ink on paper, l'x4'. Janet Leong Malan, Conversations in the Garden, 2001. Mixed media installation, 7' x 8' x 8'. Image is "Chrysanthemums, c. 1984." Installation pertains to the Leong flower farm in Cupertino. "Our front yard is now Highway 85."
Collaboration with California History Center on Walking History Tour map of De Anza College including sites from Euphrat estate. Summer, fall 2001.

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Winter 2002

Between Disciplines: Art, Music, Language

Artists include Djerassi Resident Artists Program (including Kim Anno, Squeak Carnwath, Carmen Lomas Garza, Joyce Kozloff, Dan Kwong, Joe Sam., Kotoka Suzuhi, and William Wareham), Prentiss Cole, Keay Edwards, Dawn Nakanishi, Brian Ransom, Herb Tam.

Between Disciplines showcased art that touches different and related disciplines. It ranged from art produced in a multi-disciplinary residency program (visual art, choreography, music, poetry) to unique clay sculptures that serve as musical instruments, from paintings inspired by music to mixed-media installations with sound and music. Five artists participated in addition to the numerous artists from the Djerassi Resident Artists Program, which was featured.

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Spring 2002

Magician's Day Off and Other Stories

Artists include Pilar Aguero, Doris Bittar, Ricardo Gil, Paul Pratchenko, Joan Schulze, Lydia Tjioe, Linda Watson, Christine Wong.

Magician's Day Off presented narrative art by a selection of contemporary artists in California, working in a variety of media: painting, photography, sculpture, quilts, printmaking, jewelry, and mixed media. Eight artists participated, including professors at San Francisco State and UC San Diego. Some stories were personal, others addressed issues ranging from Arab-Israeli relations to disability culture. During the last two weeks, the exhibition incorporated Teraqua's Journey, a collaborative public artwork about storytelling created by hundreds of local elementary-school students working through the Euphrat's Arts & Schools Program. Telemundo interview of Ricardo Gil, Sin Fronteras, interview 2/26, for airing 3/02. Presentation on art and disability by Ricardo Gil and Diana Argabrite to kindergarten class 3/15. Companion exhibitions for Sunnyvale Creative Arts Center Gallery: Something Becoming Extraordinary, 1/18-3/2/02, Frances Paragon Arias, Masako Miki, Carlo Ricafort; Life Size: Ricardo Gil, Cynthia Handel, 3/15-5/4/02. Announcement photos include: Paul Pratchenko, Volcanization, 1998 Acrylic on canvas, 33" x 39". Ricardo Gil, Public Restroom, 1999. Silver gelatin print, 7"x10.25". Christine Wong, Everyone is a Storyteller, 1998. Woodcut print, 11"x15".

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