Fall 1998

Art & Education

Artists include Yvonne Browne, Pok chi Lau, Candi Farlice, Cozetta Guinn, Judy Hiramoto, Woody Johnson, Hector Dio Mendoza, Joel Monture, Lucy I. Sargeant, Amelia Kroll Solomon, Carlos Villa, and students at California State University Monterey Bay working with Patricia Rodriguez.
Students: Guillermo Ceja-Zapien Jr., Salvador Chavarin, Maria Jacobo, Tamora Schoeneberg, Mariela Vargas, Brock Essick, Patricia Fernandez, Diana Ferreira, Wes Maas, Pedro Jejinez.

Art & Education focused on art, artists, and educational processes, with specific works in installation, sculpture, photography, painting, and mixed media. It involved educators working with institutions of higher learning, schools, and alternative approaches to education. Included were a variety of perspectives and participation. The processes ranged from providing a helping hand for emerging artists, to collaborating with a community, to creating challenging organizations, programs, or environments.
Announcement photos: Amelia Kroll Solomon, Out of the Ashes, 1995-1997. Bronze, 84"x21"x18". The bronze books (Solomon made molds first, did not burn the books) include The Diary of Anne Frank and Roots, over which is an ark with symbols of persecution in life. On top, three birds soar in freedom. La Fruta del Diablo, 1997. Digital mural, 8'x9', on pesticide dangers. Produced by art students at California State University Monterey Bay/Visual and Public Art Institute working with artist Patricia Rodriguez. The project is part of a rural/urban visual arts curriculum in service of community.
Exhibition curated for California History Center: Amelia Kroll Solomon: a walk through a lifetime of dreams, curated in conjunction with Art and Education, 11/2-25/98. Exhibition-related publication Amelia Kroll Solomon
Companion exhibitions curated for Sunnyvale Creative Arts Center Gallery.
Flo Oy Wong, Honoring, 10/29-12/12/98. Exhibition-related publication Flo Oy Wong, Honoring. In a Sea of Eternal Plastic Flowers: the Education of Four Artists, Pok Chi Lau, Lucy I. Cain Sargeant, Maxine Solomon, 1/8-2/27/99

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Spring 1999

Modernist dining table and chair. Place set with plates, no utensils. 'Fear of fat' on back wall.

Robin Lasser and Kathryn Sylva, Secret Appetites installation, exhibition announcement detail.

To Your Health!

Artists include Robin Lasser and Kathryn Sylva, Kaleo Ching and Elise Dirlam-Ching, Shirley Fisher, Sylvia Giblin, Dori Grace U. Lemeh, Gabriel Navar, Younhee Paik, Judy Schavrien, Sharon Siskin.

To Your Health! contained a variety of work - installations, painting, photography, sculpture - addressing specific aspects of healing ranging through medical, psychological, and social realms. Parts related to maintaining health, cultural perspectives, art therapy, and the relationship to spirituality. The exhibition included a major installation by Robin Lasser and Kathryn Sylva entitled, Secret Appetites, part of a larger project Eating Disorders in a Disordered Culture, dealing with survivors of anorexia and bulimia. During the month of April, the exhibition incorporated To Your Health!, a collaborative public artwork created by hundreds of local elmentary school students through the Arts & Schools Program.

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