Fall 1993

Public and Private Journeys

Artists include David Izu, Jung Ran Kim, and Rene Yung.
Artist collaborator Betty Kano

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, these artists present work that draws freely on different places, cultures, and times. One of David Izu's series, Journeys, was a public art project chronicling the journeys of some of San Francisco's inhabitants. The mixed-media images were made into posters for bus shelters in the city. The large ceramic sculptures of Jung Ran Kim address life journeys and time; in The End of Journey, a man sits next to a bent clock. Rene Yung's Moral Tales presents journeys in a personal and social context, looking at Chinese culture through notions about fate/destiny, the Confucian work-ethic, and precepts of propriety. Announcement cover: David Izu, Journeys - Haruno's Passport, 1992. Mixed media, 21.75"x15". Inside: Rene Yung, Moral Tales (detail), 1992. Mixed media, installation c. 1200 sq. ft. Public reception for Public and Private Journeys, with short talks by artists David Izu, Jung Ran Kim, Rene Yung, and artist/activist Betty Kano, 9/27. Betty Kano slide lecture, including AAWAA information, organized by Euphrat and Intercultural Studies Department, 11/3.

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Spring 1994

Announcement for exhibition Coming Across, Part 1. Cover art is a large poster, part of the photo-installation Silent Voice (I Have Something to Say), 1993, by Su-Chen Hung and Gigi Janchang for the San Francisco Art Commission Market Street Art in Transit Program. T-shirt reads “I have something to say” in Vietnamese. 

Coming Across, Art By Recent Immigrants, Part 1

Artists include Seyed Alavi, Enrique Chagoya, Rahel Fikre-Selassie, Taraneh Hemami, Su-Chen Hung, Gigi Janchang, Wosene Kosrof, Sandra Sunnyo Lee, Saiman Li, Vi Ly, Rudjen Roldan, Joanna Salska, Tamcanchan (Fidelina Aguilar-Pena, Claudia Bemardi, Prospero Callejas, Carlos Cartagena, Victor Cartagena, Manuel De Paz, Joaquin Dominguez-Perada, Martivon Galindo, Ricardo Portillo, Benedicto Zavala, Carmelo Zavala, Daniel Zavala, Jose Antonio Zavala, Reinaldo Zavala), Canan Tolon, Victor Mario Zaballa.
Curatorial team for larger project: Jan Rindfleisch and Patricia Albers, Euphrat Museum of Art, and Betti-Sue Hertz at the Bronz Museum of the Arts. The Bronx exhibition, entitled Beyond Borders, Art by Recent Immigrants took place February to June 1994.

Exhibition of work by artists who have immigrated to the U.S. and now live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their countries of origin include Argentina, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Iran, Korea, Mexico, the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, Turkey, and Vietnam. The exhibition investigates contemporary immigrant experience and explores esthetic, cultural, and social hybrids, linked to immigration, which are informing U.S. culture. Part 1 asks viewers to examine some works of art in light of the question "How do you relate to your country of origin?" and others, in light of the question "Who are you now?" In its final month, the exhibition incorporated art by Cupertino Union, Los Altos, and Sunnyvale School District elementary school students, many of them immigrants, including The Welcome Arch project. Coming Across was developed in cooperation with The Bronx Museum of the Arts, which presented concurrently Beyond the Borders, an exhibition examining art by recent immigrants who live in the greater New York area. Funding for this project: Metropolitan Life Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, The Rockefeller Foundation. Local sponsorship: Apple Computer, Inc. Announcement cover: Su-Chen Hung and Gigi Janchang, Silent Voice (I Have Something to Say), 1993. Poster, 6'x4'. From a special project of San Francisco Art Commission Market Street Art in Transit Program. Panel Discussion: Artistic Expression and Community Identity in collaboration with Coalition for Asian Advocacy. Artists Long Nguyen and Vi Ly, San Jose Mercury News writer De Tran, with student and community members, and Creative Arts Division Dean, Duane Kubo, moderating, 5/22.

Benefit for Art Education honoring Joan Barram for her commitment to the arts, advocacy for children and youth. Featuring artists in Coming Across: Art by Recent Immigrants, included slide show, art. Event held in the home of David K. and Eppie Lam, Los Altos Hills, 1/27.

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