Fall 1992

TREASURE: The Community College Enriching Our Lives, Focus De Anza

Artists, collectors, participants include Ann Anger, SDiane Bogus, Doug Cheeseman, Jose Coleman, Michael Cooper, Holly Crawford, City of Cupertino, Tai Dang, Dan O'Donnell, Norma Dove, Educational Diagnostic Center, Student Activity Club, Fred Euphrat, Claire Fejes, Sam Fejes, l-Ping Fu, Helen Golden, Lucia Grossberger, Sets Hirano. Jan Karlton, Ben Kashkooli, Ralph Munoz, Long Nguyen, Tony Nunes, Myrrh, Salvatore Pecoraro, Scott Peterson, Carl Pompei, Shen Yao-Ch'u, j-walker, Sally Wood.

Exploring the many facets of the community college's impact on the visual arts and culture of our region, our nation. In celebration of the 25th anniversary of De Anza College. Dedicated to Dr. A. Robert DeHart, founding President of De Anza College. Expanded (8-page) announcement for TREASURE, with interviews of a number of the artists.

Benefit for Art Education honoring State Senator Becky Morgan and County Supervisor Dianne McKenna for their commitment to the arts and their advocacy for children and youth. Featuring also artists Therese May, JoeSam., Sam Smidt, Becca Smidt. The event was held in the home of Kenneth and Caretha Coleman, Los Altos Hills, 2/5.

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Winter 1993

World of Difference: Art, Tourism and Cultural Dialogues

Artists and collections include Ellen Bepp, Dr. Daniel Crowley and Pearl Ramcharan-Crowley Collection, Ed Grazda, Morris Keyonzo, Thomas K. Seligman Collection, Elena Siff, Jeffrey Vallance, Jin-me Yoon, and a section curated by Dr. Julian Gomez.
Curatorial lead Patricia Albers

Tourists participate in numerous visual decisions rich in cultural implications. This exhibition examined issues of art tourism and cultural dialogues through works from within and outside the art world. Tourism is not only one of several approaches to travel but also the world's number one industry. In 1989, nearly 15 million U.S. citizens traveled abroad, many as tourists. From the travel brochures and maps they examine, to the postcards they send, to the souvenirs they purchase, tourists participate in numerous visual decisions rich in cultural implications. For example, tourists' large-scale purchase of some forms of traditional art - aboriginal paintings from Australia, adire cloth from Nigeria-has empowered the artists' communities both economically and politically. Expanded (6-page) announcement for World of Difference, with quotes about art and tourism.

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Spring 1993

Reconstructing Nature
April 6-22

Sculpture installations by art-world artists Mineko Grimmer and Francisco Perez and Building a Rainforest installation by students from local elementary schools (Cupertino Union, Sunnyvale and Los Altos Districts), working in part with artists Diana Argabrite, Marie Franklin, Vi Ly. Radio interview with artists and students involved in Reconstructing Nature show. KQED FM, interview by Peter Jon Shuler. Earth Day, 4/22.

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