Fall 1990

Photo of sculpture of woman holding torch. Background is empty warehouse.

Replica of Goddess of Democracy, 1990. Plaster. 9.5' tall. Created by Thomas Marsh and students from the Bay Area who shall remain anonymous for reasons of security. Fashioned after original sculpture by Kevin Fang and students in China who remain anonymous for reasons of security. The original Goddess of Democracy stood in Tiananmen Square during the student demonstrations in Spring 1989. The replica has been used for Bay Area demonstrations related to the massacre that put an end to the demonstrations for major reforms.

In the Public Eye: Beyond the Statue in the Park

Artists and organizations include Maria Alquilar; Anonymous; Mark A. Brest van Kempen; Center for Southern Folklore; Kevin Fang; Reiko Goto; Maren Hassinger; Edgar Heap of Birds; Maya Ying Lin; Thomas Marsh; Richard Misrach; Salvatore Pecoraro; Francisco Perez; The Power of Place; Public Art Works (Falkirk Cultural Center); the Ribbs family; Niki de Saint Phalle; Seattle Arts Commission; Elizabeth Sisco, Louis Hock, and David Avalos; Deborah Small and David Avalos with James Luna and William T. Weeks; George Smith; The Stuart Collection; Walker Art Center; Wendy Watriss; John Wilson.

In the Public Eye explores issues and ideas related to art in public places. Cities, developers, campuses, non-profit organizations, artists, and the viewing public are increasingly involved in decision-making regarding art in public places. Through art, models, and documentation (photographs, slides and written materials), In the Public Eye offers the opportunity to explore questions such as: How can an artwork reflect local history? What makes a public art program successful? How do some public artworks become living places or personified objects? This exhibition on public art, with local, national, and international participation, had particular relevance to the college because of a new district policy to purchase art for the campus. The show included a preview of faculty member Sal Pecoraro's model for the Sunken Garden in front of Flint Center. Slides, posters, and articles are available for viewing. Eight-page booklet.
Booklet art included Untitled, Wendy Watriss, 1987, photograph from Watriss's series on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington D.C., by Maya Ying Lin. Watriss: "It has a life of its own. People stand and stare at it. They touch it. They run their fingers over and over the names of the dead. They lean against it. They trace the names and they cry. Men stand guard for the others who have died, and for those still missing." Art included replica of Goddess of Democracy, 1990, plaster, 9.5' tall, created by Thomas Marsh and Bay Area students who remain anonymous for security reasons.

Lecture by artist Edgar Heap of Birds (Professor, University of Oklahoma), co-sponsors w Intercultural/lnternational Studies Div, Creative Arts Div, 10/16. Videos: Edgar Heap of Birds lecture and focus group for In the Public Eye, both videotaped by TV Center. LIAISONS, COMMITTEES, AND FOCUS GROUPS The Campus Committee for the Euphrat helped facilitate integration of Euphrat programming with instruction and campus life. Focus group discussion for public art exhibition included key figures from the Bay Area and De Anza staff. Participants included: David Allen, San Jose Cultural Affairs Office; Jose Antonio Burciaga, artist; Dewey Crumpler, artist; Bob HanamuraSal Pecoraro, De Anza faculty; Ulysses Pichon, De Anza faculty; Rebecca Solnit, arts writer and activist; Barbara Solomon, landscape designer; Nora VillagranSan Jose Mercury News. 7/18.

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Spring 1991

Dramatic closeup of face of Statue of Liberty.

Freedom Views: 1991

Artists include Enrique Chagoya, Johnny Coleman, Deborah Kennedy, Emily Kiesel, Louise Lieber, Frances Paragon Arias, Juan Sanchez, Florence Wong.
Curated by Jan Rindfleisch with Patricia Albers, Brenda Bell Brown, Diana Argabrite, and a focus group of artists, community and campus people, including Cecilia Preciado Burciaga, Jose Antonio Burciaga, Michael Chang, June LeGrand, Frances Paragon Arias. Concepts and additional assistance: David Coleman, Gallery Paule Anglim, Helen Jones, Deborah Kennedy, Peter Landsberger, Ulysses Pichon, Barbara Rogers, Lucy Cain Sargeant.

An exhibition of work by eight contemporary American artists that encourages discussion about the concept of "freedom" and the other side of the coin, "responsibility." The exhibition concept was proposed by Deborah Kennedy, whose interactive installation, For Freedom, spans a gallery wall and addresses the four freedoms defined by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941. In the Euphrat investigative style, queries and discussions brought up more freedoms, widely different meanings of freedom, and the sobering reality that a symbol of freedom to one person can often be a symbol of oppression to another. Some of the works were created with concepts of "freedom" in mind. Others brought insights to the word after their completion. Information session concerning the Beijing-TienAnMen Square confrontation co-sponsored with the Chinese Student Union; included a special viewing of the Goddess of Democracy replica on display in the gallery, 12/4. Focus group discussion for Freedom Views: 1991. Participants included Michael Chang, De Anza faculty; June LeGrand, community activist and lecturer on Native American affairs; Jose Antonio Burciaga, artist; Cecilia Burciaga, administrator, Stanford University; Frances Paragon-Arias, teacher/artist; and Euphrat staff, 12/17. Metro, Arts, "Expressions of Freedom", 4/4-4/10.
Some related events in final days of Freedom Views exhibition: Presented Poet and Feminist Union Activist Nellie Wong reading recent works including selections? from The Death of Long Steam Lady. Sponsors include Asian Pacific Heritage Month Planning Committee, Bilingual Center/IIS Division, Language Arts Division, 4/11.
Inaugural Reception introducing the De Anza Asian/Pacific American Association. Keynote Speaker, the Honorable Mike Honda, Santa Clara Board of Supervisors. Honda addressed "The Challenge of Change: Asian/Pacific Americans in Education". Inaugural Remarks by Dr. Allan Seid, Executive Director, Asian Americans for Community Involvement, Dr. A. Robert DeHart, President, De Anza College, Leo Contreras, President, Foothill De Anza Minority Staff Association, and Susanne Chan, President, De Anza Asian/Pacific American Association. Cultural Performance by May Myint, Burmese National Dance Champion. 4/11.
Multi-media Artist Flo Wong. Wong discussed her artwork including a giant, still-growing, rice-sack collage. Later, she gave a slide lecture about contemporary Asian American women in the visual arts. Co-sponsors Asian Pacific Heritage Month Planning Committee, Intercultural/lnternational Studies Division, Creative Arts Division. 4/16.

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