Fall 1988

CLAY etc. WORKS, On the Wall, Off the Wall

Artists include Lenda Barth, Bennett Bean. Norma Cativo, Scott Donahue, Jack Earl, James Esoimeme, Arthur Gonzales, Judy Hiramoto, Cam Quach, Lisa Reinertson, Richard and Graciela Rios, Adrian Saxe, Helen Stanley, Patty Warishina, Horace Washington, Stanley Wilson, and others.
Curated by Jan Rindfleisch with consultants Bill Geisinger, Marcia Chamberlain, Lucy Sargeant

A primer and update on works in clay, sometimes accompanied by mixed media. The exhibit displayed a wide variety of approaches, traditional and contemporary: life-size figures coming out from the wall, fool-the-eye objects hanging from the wall, vessel-like sculptures on pedestals, clay-and-mixed-media creations, and environments including an altar and a wall of ceramic bricks. Works in the show are evidence that clay is the province of diverse heritages-age-old and contemporary. This show is for the beginner squeezing that first handful of clay, the dedicated artists checking out new ideas and techniques, and those who wish to mull over content or indulge in visual treats. Reception with presentations by artists Beverly Mayeri, Scott Donohue, and Judy Hiramoto. Sponsor Cupertino National Bank. 10/19. Videos: 60-second publicity spot taped by Mark Gomes of the De Anza Video Dept. 25 minute tape about Clay etc. Works. Interview with the director and Elliot Margolies of the TV Department. Produced by Sunnyvale-Cupertino AAUW, shown on Community Access Channel 30.

Additional exhibitions:
Juror for Artists' Vision: A World Without War, international traveling exhibition, 8/88; with 38 pieces exhibited at the State Capitol in Sacramento, 8/19-10/30, sponsored by Congressman John Vasconcellos; exhibit went to New Zealand, 1/89. Juror for Making Art 1989 History, the Tandem Employees' Fourth International Art exhibit, 4/89.


Winter 1989

GENRE (sort of) People Doing Everyday Things

Artists include Judy Baca, Roger Brown, Donna Cehrs, Sidney Fischer, Red Grooms, Varnette Honeywood. Mark Leong, Carol A. Marschner, Therese May, Tony Natsoulas, Richard Obenchain, Lisa Reinertson, Saturnino Ramirez, Jean Sillman, Trung Vinh Phan, Hulleah Tsinhnahjinnie.

A contemporary exhibition of "genre," freely interpreted. Scenes from everyday life. With works in clay, paint, graphite, photography, and mixed media, drawn from national and international sources, the exhibit explored cultural differences and similarities while depicting such commonplace actions as the spilling of milk. Announcement photo: Red Grooms, The Discount Store, 1970. Mixed media. Genre (sort of) People Doing Everyday Things reception with presentations by artists Mark Leong, Carol Marschner, Jean Sillman and Sidney Fischer. Sponsor bas Homes. 2/25. Videos: 30 and 60 second publicity spots of Genre exhibition.


Spring 1989

Art for Peering, Pondering, Oohing-Ahing, and Interacting

Artists include Helen Cohen, Scott Donahue, Philip Dow, Claude Ferguson, Ruth Tunstall Grant, Gerald Heffernon, Hisako Hibi, Ras Lowe, Alan Rath, Steve Storz, Dana Zed.

An exhibition that called attention to viewer activity in a gallery. Visitors could peer into or around the art, could cause it to move-or could scratch their heads. One artwork requires a viewer to stoop and gaze through a small aperture. Another is activated only when the viewer moves in a certain way. Others draw the viewer in because they are visual treats or puzzles. This exhibition focuses attention on how artists involve viewers-and how viewers decide how much they want to be involved. Painting, sculpture, mixed media, computers. Art for Peering…reception with presentations by artists Ruth Tunstall Grant, Alan Rath, Ras Lowe and Helen Cohen, sponsor Capsco Sales Inc. 4/12. Videos: 30 second publicity spot of Art for Peering exhibit. 30 minute composite promotional video including publicity spots from Art for Peering, Genre, Clay etc. Works, Content: Contemporary Issues, Art of the Computer, Art Collectors and Art of the Refugee Experience.

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