Fall 1987


Artists include Anneliese Ammann, Mary J. Andrade, Doris Beccia, Doris Beezley, Michael Bishop, Tom Bonauro, Sharon Boysel, Maggie Brosnan, Carolyn Caddes, Steve Campbell, Diane Cassidy, Judy Content, Tai Dang, Shirley Fisher, Bryan Greene, Carole Greene, Nancy Hertert, Jeff Johnson, Judy Miller Johnson, Jan Karlton, Behnam Kashkooli, Christine T. Laffer, Janet Leong Malan, Tony McCann, Lenore McLoughlin, Jane Miller, Dawn Nakanishi, Theresa Robinson, Al Rutner, Susan Sagawa, Lucy Cain Sargeant, Merryl Saylan, Barbara J. Simms, Amelia K. Solomon, David Stohl, Susan Terry, Mathias Van Hesemans, Judy Walker, Florence Wong, Tom Wyatt, Jeri Yasukawa.

In conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of the art and photography departments of De Anza College, the Euphrat Gallery exhibited art of alumni. Back in Touch was a long deserved look at a substantial body of art arising from Cupertino, Sunnyvale and the surrounding area, a changing suburban environment. Most often art circles are described by their cities-the San Francisco or L. A. "scene." Now there are maturing Silicon Valley cities with their own art "scenes," replete with expanded artist studios, established galleries and city art commissions. In this growth process, college art departments, such as De Anza College's, have consistently provided the artistic boost, the essential nurturing environment and the critical forum for art.
MINI-CATALOG: The Back in Touch mini-catalog, 1987, which accompanied the exhibition, calls attention to the vitality and professionalism of the art community locally. See PUBLICATIONS.

Euphrat Gallery fundraiser/display held at home of Binnie Quist. Presentations by Joan Barram, Board Vice President, and Ruth Grant, artist. Other artists were Paul Pratchenko, Ron Covell, Sharon Boysel. Donations: Cupertino National Bank, Bonnie Doone Winery, Paul Fong's Flower Cottage, 5/19/88.


Winter 1988


Artists, Articles (include anonymous artists): Annie Albers, Gavin Jantjes, Catalina Parra, Andrzej Bossak, Somboun Sayasane, Juan Edgar Aparicio, Sonia Melnikova-Eichenwald, Re-creating the Homeland: Ethiopia, Long Nguyen, Refugee Camps in Thailand, Embroidery, Afghan Rugs, Children in Camps, Mao Sith, Singing Kites of Cambodia. Additional artists include: Luis Jimenez, Lisa Kokin, Young-Ae Kim, Thanh Tri, Par Dao Lee, and children from Lakewood School, Sunnyvale.
Collaboration with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the U.S. Committee for Refugees

Focused on art by refugees and about refugees from around the world-displaying contemporary and historical examples in painting, sculpture, photography, textiles, and printmaking. There were over twelve million refugees worldwide in 1987. Works in the exhibition provide insight to the human story of expulsion: tales of the old country, the journey, and the new country. While the refugee experience is often harrowing, it is an integral and inescapable part of the life of many highly creative artists. Most of us are aware of the intellectual refugee migration from Europe around the time of World War II. Few know the extent of the recent migration of artists from South Africa, Vietnam, El Salvador and Poland.
BOOKArt of the Refugee Experience, 1987. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch in conjunction with the Euphrat exhibition. Presents art and writings emanating from the wide range of refugee experience, yet points to common emotions and circumstances. See PUBLICATIONS.
VIDEO: Channel 11, Evening News, short feature Art of the Refugee Experience, 3/23/88. Art of the Refugee Experience reception featured food reminiscent of refugees' homelands and an introduction to some of the artists, including Long Nguyen who led everyone in singing a song from Vietnam. 2/24/88.


Spring 1988


A juried and invitational exhibition, featured recent works from the broad spectrum of research, artistic and commercial computer graphics. From plotter drawings to CRAY renderings, this exhibit includes stereo images, color and black-and-white animations running on Macintoshes, a silk kimono, and an interactive aquatic environment running on an IRIS workstation This exhibition was curated by the Euphrat Gallery with Bay Area ACM/ SIGGRAPH, the local chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery/Special Interest Group for Graphics. Contributors of interactive computer displays included Tandem Computers, Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer and Silicon Graphics. Companion exhibition of a portion of Art of the Computer, featuring 36 artists and a variety of recent works from the broad spectrum of research, artistic and commercial computer graphics, at Apple Computer, Inc. (De Anza 2 building), 6-9/88.
Discussion: Computers and Esthetics, Bay Area ACM/SIGGRAPH, 4/12/88.
Gallery lunch presentations for Art of the Computer exhibition included Gaye Graves of Bay Area ACM/Siggraph and artist Peter Broadwell,4/15/88, sponsored by Steve Stern, bas Homes, Cupertino. Art of The Computer reception, a joint reception with Bay Area ACM/ SIGGRAPH, including interactive displays, special animations for the evening, 4/22/88.
VIDEO: Channel 11, Evening News, short feature Art of the Computer, 4/26/88.