Fall 1986

Out of the Darkroom. Art of the Darkroom
9/30-11/6/86 (extended to 11/20)

Artists include Suzanne Arms, Sharon Boysel, Carolyn Caddes, Marvin Collins, Jeff Divine, Peter Donaldson, Frank Espada, Garry Gay, Todd Gray, Chuck Henningsen, Lisa Kanemoto, Barbara Kasten, Barbara Kruger, Wayne Levin, David Levinthal, Ken Ligh,t Mary Ellen Mark, Tom Millea, Rebecca Palmer, Eugene Richards, Geno Rodriguez, Gary Ruble, Gail Skoff, Anne Turyn, Jerry Uelsmann, Mathias Van Hesemans, Anhthu Vu Le, Michele Wambaugh, Carrie Mae Weems, John Wimberley, Don Worth.

Introduced some spectacular photographs and gave an inkling of what it took to get them, for example traversing volcano cones, setting up elaborate lighting and props, spending days in the darkroom, or altering the final print in the studio. Darkroom reception presentations by Chuck Henningsen, Sharon Boysel, Michele Wambaugh, Carolyn Caddes, Gary Ruble, Rebecca Palmer, courtesy Pacific Bell. The Cupertino Rotary Club held September meeting at Euphrat before opening of the Darkroom show, with presentation by photographer Sharon BoyselPoster for the Darkroom show with photograph by Chuck Henningsen (framed and un-framed posters). The Darkroom exhibition was accompanied by an 8-page exhibition booklet. Employee Days (Tandem Computer, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard) for Darkroom exhibition. Out of the Darkroom exhibitions at Apple, Tandem, and HP. Companion exhibition: Mathias Van Hesemans, photographs from volcano and horse-racing series, main lobby and second floor, Apple Computer (De Anza II building), 9/15 through 11/86. Reception 10/1.


Winter 1987

California Society of Printmakers 71st Annual Membership exhibition

Prints included small hand-colored etchings, large-scale monoprints, serigraphs made using 70-80 screens. Printmakers reception presentations by Joe Price, Roberta Loach courtesy of Pacific Bell.
Video: Channel 3 AAUW Presents The California Society of Printmakers, 2/2, 2/9, 2/23.


Spring 1987

Rectangular quilt with 45 squares each depicting history. Orange fabric borders.

The People's Bicentennial Quilt, group quilt coordinated by Gen Pilgrim Guracar, 1976. Appliqued and embroidered cotton and cotton blends, 6'x12'. Courtesy of Needle and Thread Arts Society. Artists: Olga Acar, Wilma Albrecht, Vivian Andreas, Jeanette Arakawa, Soozee Becker, Andrea Holman Burt, Shirley Cahn, Sharon Carlton, Evelyn Chaney, Karen Couzens, Cosette Dudley, Terri Esther, Lolly Font, Sandra Hamilton, Mary Hyman, Diane Giberson, Eileen Gray, Gen Pilgrim Guracar, Jodi Gordon, Vernell Halsell, Bea Keesey, Hattie Kelly, Connie Lillie, Karen Mae, Bonnie Mettler, Leona Miles, Marge Murphy, Miriam Nixon, Donna Ode, Trudy Reagan, Becky Sarah, Ann Sargeant, Connie Sidebottom.

The Power of Cloth; Political Quilts 1845 - 1986

Artists include Cornelia Dow, Abigail Scott Duniway, Artists unknown, Lizzie Forrester, Ann Kirby, Irene Preston Miller, Gen Pilgrim Guracar, Chris Wolf Edmonds, Cuesta Benberry, Helen Green, Sonya Lee Barrington, Boise Peace Quilt Project, Jean Ray Laury, Nancy Parmalee. Mimi Dietric, Faith Ringgold.

An exhibition of works that voice the political convictions of quiltmakers over our nation's history. Nineteenth-century quilts on abolition, temperance and patriotism were displayed along with contemporary quilts treating feminism, peace and environmental protection. The Power of Cloth demonstrates the way in which quilting has expressed women's participation in the social and political issues of their day. The oldest quilt dated to before the Civil War. The artists are often unknown. Among contemporary group projects are the National Peace Quilt under which more than seventy United States senators have slept, and Afro-American Women and Quilts organized by quilt historian Cuesta Benberry. Quilt reception, 3/15, screening of film Quilts in Women's Lives, music by De Anza students, courtesy of Helen Lewis.
BOOKTHE POWER OF CLOTH: Political Quilts 1845-1986, 1987. Jane Benson and Nancy Olsen with Jan Rindfleisch. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch, in conjunction with the Euphrat exhibition. Points to the power of quilting as an art medium for political expression. See PUBLICATIONS. Video: Channel 3 AAUW Presents The Power of Cloth, 4/13, 4/20, and 4/30. Channel 11 Evening News 3/6/87. Channel 4 Back Roads 3/22/87. Channel 2B Creative Encounters with Ron Montana (half-hour special) "A Patchwork of History," Bettina Aptheker, lecture/tour, 3/6, sponsor with California History Center. At Hewlett Packard in Cupertino, a lecture/slide presentation on the Quilt show was given by the Director.