Fall 1985

Exhibition info is superimposed on myriad of tiny drawings of people and their issues, e.g. a crying baby's text bubble complains about teething.

Announcement for Content Art at Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco, the first of a two-part exhibition sequence at two venues. Design by Scott Miller.

Content Art: Contemporary Issues

This first "traveling" show of the Euphrat was curated by Jan Rindfleisch and took place at Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco. The show was about explicit, recognizable content and contemporary issues. For the artists it was clear - they wanted to make a point in their art, and if it needed to be spelled out, that's what they did. The exhibition was designed for idea exchange among artists and viewers. It evolved into the January Content exhibit at the Euphrat. Euphrat Board reception/tour at Content exhibit in San Francisco, followed by dinner at Culinary Academy, 11/1. Evening reception/tour of the Content exhibition for the California Art Education Association, Northern Area, aimed at curriculum development for exhibition when it came to the Euphrat. Organizer Judith Kays, 11/13. Southern Exposure Gallery Newsletter, No. 5 and No. 6, 1985. San Francisco Focus 10/85 (critic's choice). ARTWEEK 10/26/85.





Winter 1986

Cover of four-page announcement of Content exhibition at Euphrat.

Pages 2 and 3 of the Content announcement.

CONTENT: CONTEMPORARY ISSUES, Points and messages…making a point… spelling it out…and talking about it!

Artists include Gloria Alford, Juana Alicia, Robert Arneson, Lenda Anders Barth, Harriete Estel Berman, Betty Bishop, Earl Black, Sharon Boysel, Frances Butler, Guy Colwell, Nikki Craft, Eleanor Dickinson, Al Farrow, Helen Fleming, Florence Goguely, Dennis Heekin, Douglas Holmes, Bill laculla, Rachel Johnson, Richard Kamler, Sherry Kwint, Roberta Loach, Yolanda Lopez, Malequias Montoya, Joyce McEwen, Jack Matsuoka, Scott Miller, Doug Minkler, Terry Minkler, Janet Molotky, Irving Norman, Cheryl Nuss, Ruth Okimoto, Dennis Peak, Eleanor Prager, Paul Pratchenko, Lisa Reinertson, Joe Sam., Ann Simonton, Keith Sklar, Alonso Smith, Steve Snyder, Barron Storey, Garry Trudeau, Marie Thibeault, Signe Wilkinson.

CONTENT (an evolution of the earlier Content Art exhibition) examined contemporary issues from racism to violence, sexism to urban sprawl. It spotlighted Robert Arneson's A Nuclear War HeadJuana Alicia's drawing of a poem by Alice Walker, Garry Trudeau's Doonesbury and art by over fifty other, predominantly Bay Area, artists.. Irving Norman's ten-foot-tall masterpiece Crossroads shouts people, cars, high-rises and traffic. Harriete Estel Berman creates satirical KitchlnArt food blenders in styles to match one's art decor: Classically Greek, Baroque Rococo, Cubist Futurism or Social Realism (a few drops of blood on the side where the too-large blade cut through the food container). Shocking or comical, the exhibition brings alive current issues.
BOOK: The book Content: Contemporary Issues, 1986. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch. Gives the story of the project, which included two exhibitions as well as the book. See PUBLICATIONS. Video: 15 and 30 sec. public service announcements for Content exhibition. Poster, created by Doug Minkler for the Euphrat exhibit Content: Contemporary Issues, 1985, appeared in Frieden und Umwelt, Politische Plakatkunst aus den USA, 8/88. Exhibition tour of Content for the Collector's Forum of the SF Museum of Modern Art.
Lenda Barth, Southern Exposure Board member, coordinator of the Beyond Power exhibition, used the Euphrat's CONTENT book as a prototype for the Beyond Power exhibition catalog, published in 1987 by Southern Exposure Gallery, San Francisco. Women's Caucus for Art. Rindfleisch wrote an essay for Beyond Power.










Spring 1986


Artists include Garry Knox Bennett, John Buck, Arthur Espenet Carpenter, Wendell Castle, Michael Cooper, Frank E. Cummings III, Tom Eckert, Edward Gottesman, Michael Graham, Colin Gray, Larry Hunter, Sam Maloof, Gwynn Murrill, Martha Rising, Merryll Saylan, Masao Sato, Gail Freddell Smith, Barbara Spring, Michael Stevens, Robert Strini, Larry White.

In an era of high technology, wood, made up of living cells, continues to be a medium of choice for sculpture and contemporary furniture. With curatorial assistance by Michael J. Cooper, this exhibition featured 23 artists from across the country.