Fall 1982

Announcement has six black graphic ancient religious symbols.

Art, Religion, Spirituality announcement.

Art. Religion, Spirituality

Artists include Carmen Lomas Garza, Jeanette Stobie, Mabel McKay, Kobun Chino Otogwa and Chogyam Trungpa, Judy Chicago, Peretz Wolf-Prusan, Aaron Miller, Roger Hogan, Thomas Drain, Helen Burke, Thomas Hunt, Nguyen Quynh Thuyen, Gloria Espinoza Nash, Ken Reese, James Yoshida Kobayashi; Elizabeth Bourdet, Terry Barnes, Debra Barnes, Sandra Barnes; Sister Disciples of the Divine Master.

Religious and spiritual art produced, collected, or displayed in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. This exhibition spanned stained glass and icons to the art of Santeria and spiritual art developed during the dire circumstances of war.
BOOKArt Religion, Spirituality, 1982. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch. See PUBLICATIONS Carmen Garza, Lecture/slide presentation on Day of the Dead Altars, cosponsor Intercultural Studies, 10/4/82.
Ken Reese, Lecture on his Dispensational Chart, Gospel Coach, Life on the road during the 1930s, 10/8/82
Mabel McKay, Pomo Medicinewoman, two lecture/demonstrations on Pomo basketry and spiritual life, cosponsor De Anza Intercultural Studies, 10/18/82.
Women's Litany, Celebrating Women of Faith, cosponsors San Jose State Campus Ministry and the Center for Self Reliant Education, 11/1/82 Jeanette Stobie, Lecture, "A Visual Experience of the Spirit," slide show with Stobie's mandala paintings, 11/1/82.
Companion exhibition: Art, Religion, Spirituality (an extension), Old Mill Shopping Center Gallery. 9/21-11/9/82.

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Winter 1983

Four-panel cartoon, each with a worker who 'just' plays a small role in making missiles.

Signe Wilkinson wrote "On Political Cartooning" for Illustration, Design, 1983. Cartoon originally ran 6/23/82, San Jose Mercury News. Wilkinson also participated in FACES, 1984, and Content: Contemporary Issues, 1986.

Billboard photo includes exhibition information and a machine-parts poster detail.

Billboard on Stevens Creek Boulevard to call attention to the Euphrat Gallery and the Illustration, Design show in early 1983. Artwork by David Lance Goines.

Illustration, Design

Artists include Howard Brodie, Bunny Carter, Lincoln Cushing, Raul del Rio, Lawrence W. Duke, Sidney Fischer, David Lance Goines, Len Lahman, Richard Leech, Doug Minkler, Glenn Myles, Stephen Osborn, Betsy A. Palay, Pictorial Painting Company, Scale Models Unlimited, Sam Smidt, Helen Webber, Caleb Whitbeck, Foster and Kleiser, Signe Wilkinson.

An educational exhibition introducing the processes of illustration and design. Works from the San Francisco Bay Area, internationally renowned for its commercial art. Exhibition covered artists who draw from our ideas when we don't have the skills to do it ourselves. Works included consumer advertising, political and educational art, art for non-profit groups. Thumbnail sketches on restaurant placemats, finished "comps" (comprehensive preliminary drawings), camera-ready art, art seldom seen in original, un-reproduced form. See PUBLICATIONS: Illustration, Design, 1983. Produced and edited by Jan Rindfleisch, including an article about Signe Wilkinson, the first woman with a Pulitzer Prize in cartooning, 1992. Illustration, Design billboard with portion of Metropolis poster by David Lance Goines. Exhibited on Stevens Creek Boulevard, Cupertino, 1/12-3/3/83.

Artist update:
After the early 1980s at the San Jose Mercury News, Wilkinson went on to Philadelphia Daily News and became the first female cartoonist to win the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning (1992). In 2013 she lectured at Santa Clara University: "A Cartoonist's Credo: Nothing is Sacred."

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Spring 1983

Graphic announcement with red text and pixelated look of early computer printouts.

Artech and Art by Hand announcement.

ARTECH and Art by Hand

An interactive exhibition of high-tech art and handmade art, with each enhanced by the presence of the other. Art of many media, including computers, video … and a quilt! In addition, viewers can create their own art on a monitor with an Atari 800 and Paint program or an Apple II with Designers Toolkit. Artists include: Luz Bueno, Jerome Domurat, Trudy Reagan… and the more than 36 artists with the Women in Struggle Quitl Project, coordinated by Gen Pilgrim (Bulbul) Guracar. One of these artists is Trudy Reagan, who started YLEM: Artists Using Science and Technology in 1981. YLEM met at the Euphrat, 5/7/83 See PUBLICATIONS: Women in Struggle Quilt Project, 1983. Gen Pilgrim Guracar (Bulbul), Coordinator. Editors: Jan Rindfleisch and Robert Scott. Original printing in "dot matrix." Cover design: Guracar's quilt "map" of squares.
Gen Guracar, the cartoonist "Bulbul," Lecture: "Cartoons by Women." Cosponsored with Women's Week Committee. 3/10/83.
Luz Bueno, computer graphic artist. Lecture/presentation on over 500 "paintings" Bueno produced on the Via Video System One, 5/3/83.
Public reception with presentations by Randall StickrodComputer Graphics World publisher, and Ramon Zamora, software designer and electronic education specialist, 5/11/83. Attending: 429. Computer Art Software Day. Software demonstrations involving art. Showing of EM, 22 min. video portrait of artist David Em. Computers and Art workshop for children. Cosponsor: Art, Computers, and Education. 5/21/83. Women and Computers Workshop, cosponsors: Center for Self Reliant Education, National Women's Political Caucus, 5/23/83
Jerome Domurat, animator for Atari presents the creative process in designing home video games. Cosponsored with Western Art Directors Club. 5/24/83. Created ARTECH announcement, which can be made into an animated flip-book.
Women in Struggle Quilt Project. Presentation by several of the 43 artists who researched and created the 8'xl5' quilt based on struggles around the world. Cosponsored with the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Peninsula Branch and San Jose Branch, also the Friends of Central America, De Anza College. 6/27/83 Special videotape showings to coordinate with ARTECH exhibition. 5/83
VideosARTECH and Art by Hand. 1983, 30 min., color. Aired on Channel 3, 5/26 and 6/2/83.
The Women in Struggle Quilt Project. 1983, 30 min., color. Aired on Channel 3. 7/83. Produced with AAUW.

George Barlow, Poetry reading. Cosponsored with De Anza College Language Arts Department. 2/17/83 Dennis Brutus, Poetry reading. Cosponsors, Dennis Brutus Defense Committee, National Lawyers Guild. 6/6/83

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