Fall 1979

Jan Rindfleisch: Drawings and Sculptures: Body-figures

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Winter 1980

Re-created artist studio installation; photo of a San Diego slough.

The Workplace/The Refuge announcement.

The Workplace/The Refuge, Janet Burdick, Scott Miller, Judith Spiegel

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Spring 1980

Poster with close-up of rough-textured Carlos Villa plaster face mask with feathers.
Poster with landscape superimposed with two hands, face with one eye.

Ursula Snyder, Carlos Villa

Individual posters for both Carlos Villa and Ursula Schneider (detail at right). Carlos Villa exhibition poster connected with his exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 9/26-11/9/80; performance at The Farm, SF, 4/26.

Two gallery viewers look at a painting with a dark body silhouette.

Ursula Schneider, Four Works exhibition, 1980.

Gallery installation including sculpture and a large feathered cape on one wall.

Carlos Villa exhibition, 1980.

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Summer 1980

Karen Tacang, David Stohl

Frida Kahlo, Movie, 5/21/80