Helen Euphrat Art Gallery, 1971-Early 1979

Black poster with central isolated image of an 'Art' gauge/meter with numbers ‘191.’

Announcement for exhibition A Peek into the Private Life of Rrose Selavy, 2/16–3/10, 1978.

Brown announcement with small actual pencil glued on. Basic show info.

Announcement for exhibition Drawings, Just Drawings, 4/3/78–5/3/78.

In the mid-1970s, major direction for the Helen Euphrat Gallery was provided by Director Erin Goodwin, an art instructor who also taught a gallery class. Early and ongoing support came from sculpture instructor Lee Tacang.   

Examples of exhibitions, publications, and events:

Student Art Competition, Sixth Annual, 5/19–6/11/75, with 12-page catalog by Tom Bonauro, co-director at the time with David Stohl, working with instructor Goodwin.

“Symposium on Current Issues in the Arts” with two panels, February 2, 1978.


Early 1979 memo from instructor Lee Tacang to art faculty regarding help needed for upcoming faculty exhibition.